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When hospitality meets science, families change. Solstice Southwest Integrative Psychiatric Clinic is leading the way for Texas psychiatry and neurology. We've combined time tested services that will bring you and your family ease and relief. Our Team comes together from all realms of neuroscience and behavioral expertise to change the landscape of healthcare. We bring families together, uniting around simple goals for everyone, treating autism, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, psychosis, trauma and much more. There is no rushing you or cutting corners here. Solstice Southwest is a place to get comfortable and lean on our proven standard of care. Expect a level above. If you've felt alone in getting the help you need, set up an appointment today.

Patient Success Stories

Together on the Path to Wellness.

Jen K.

I spent close to 6 months total in their program, about 4 months in PHP and the rest in IOP. I was also lucky enough to qualify for MeRT. I discovered and traveled a path to wellness with dignity, thanks to this wonderful facility. The level of care, the modalities available, the standard of the providers, and the philosophy of the leadership makes this clinic unlike any other in the industry.

Erica H.

When you’re at the bottom, with no hope for life without depression and pain, Solstice Southwest is your place to go. The providers at Solstice Southwest take a wholistic approach to mental health, including private therapy, group therapy, medication, nutrition and sleep. They took me in at my lowest and I’m so grateful I found them.

Lauren C.

Solstice Southwest is an excellent institution for those seeking mental health help and I cannot recommend them enough! The providers are incredibly knowledgeable as they assess you and create a treatment place that’s unique to each patient’s individual needs. They listen well and go above and beyond to make you feel welcomed and comfortable and assisted.

Texas Mental Healthcare Redefined

It is our first priority to provide integrative and functional treatment. Integrative health considers the whole person, rather than compartmentalizing each symptom. Too often, patients are lost and left trying to coordinate their own care. It’s daunting and confusing to know who to trust, how much to spend and what to make a priority. To most people, the idea that we are made up of connected systems makes sense. But, it’s an entirely different feeling and mission to know how to nurture these neural and physical connections while healing a chronic, persistent illness. Your family will grow stronger roots through habits that restore everyone, not just the person suffering.