About Pacific Solstice

We are a group of private practice mental health clinicians who have experienced frustrating challenges in making quality addiction treatment referrals for our clients who may require and would benefit from a competent Mental Health Facility appropriately staffed to treat Addictive Use and co-occurring mental health disorders.

The current state of affairs in the recovery industry is somewhat distressing. The original model of small independent substance abuse treatment programs and freestanding partial hospitalization (PHP-Day Treatment) and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) implemented and staffed by non-mental health professionals, and staffed by non mental health professionals, is slowly being replaced by an even more distressing model that is driven by profit rather than positive client outcomes.

Although the epidemic of addiction has been a very real crisis in our nation, the heartbreaking reality is that the overwhelming majority of individuals suffering from this unfair affliction have not had the ability to participate in treatment because of economics.

Although we think it fully appropriate that we are compensated for our professions in an acceptable manner, our passion is driven by positive outcomes as a result of increasing quality of client care. We believe this translates, in a very direct way, to the level of service that is actually delivered in our facility.

In other words, this is not a get-rich quick scheme. This is just another platform for us to serve our purpose in bettering humanity in trying to fix a broken world.

Thankfully, the Affordable Healthcare Act combined with the Parity Act are suddenly allowing millions and millions of individuals to receive the benefit of medical care in order to achieve recovery. This of course, is a truly wonderful thing. However, this is also creating a financial bubble for wise investors who want to profit from this development. As a result, Wall Street has jumped in, and hundreds of millions of dollars have suddenly flooded the market in a frantic effort to purchase as many recovery beds as possible. As healthcare professionals, we have become increasingly concerned by profit driven treatment. At Pacific Solstice, we are committed to implementing an honest, ethical, and person-centered Outpatient Treatment Program. We are fully aware of the success that results from full continuum of care coordination and have carefully considered treatment partners to ensure persons served have access to detoxification and residential services before they are physically and emotionally capable of participating in the Pacific Solstice program.

We are just not sure it’s the best paradigm in addressing the fundamental human right of healthcare. A profit-driven model dictates raising fees while lowering expenses resulting in over-worked staff, lack of collaboration, overcrowded group rooms, rushed private therapy sessions, lack of supervision, and person-centered individualized care in these lucrative Addiction Rehabs. This is the opposite of client-centered treatment and simply inconsistent with our mission, values, and integrity.

Our clients will immediately experience the difference the moment they meet our clinical team.

Our team of mental health and addictive disorders professionals made a decision long ago to arrange our life’s priority about helping individuals with their recovery from alcoholism, drug abuse, other addictive disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders.

It’s important that you know the truth before investing in treatment for your addiction that we don’t deliver celebrity chef five-star meals, lounging at the beach activities, beachfront living, or even sky diving excursions. This is because we don’t provide activities that don’t directly help you discover the root cause of your addiction and learning strategies to sustain long-term recovery and prevent relapse. We will not accept you if we cannot meet your needs.

Our philosophy and program structure is not about us helping you without you actually working toward finding your true self.

If you’re motivated, this should be a sign that you’ve chosen the right addiction treatment program to regain your dignity, self-esteem, and self-respect, not to mention beginning a new life without drugs, alcohol, and other addictions.

We became therapists because we love what we do. After decades of clinical experience and hard work, we are nourished and rewarded with even more energy, more passion, and more gratefulness, that we actually get to live making a difference in a very real way. Making a living helping others is a gift in and of itself. We consider ourselves to be very, very lucky.

So, we’re not right for everybody, and everybody is not right for us.

If you think you would benefit from a small confidential and discreet boutique facility, would like to become part of our extended family, and are comforted by the idea of being part of a collaborative run by licensed and caring mental health professionals, then give us a call today!


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