Will I Have a Purpose When I Get Sober?

Finding a purpose while you are in the throes of your addiction can prove to be even more difficult than when you are not under the influence.

Getting sober can lift your mental fog and bring on the shame and guilt of what happened during your addiction. When this happens, this can stunt your progress in trying to figure out what you should be purposefully doing. You did not get sober to let anything else knock you down. You got sober so that you could live the life that you have always wanted to live and do it with purpose.

Pat yourself on the back

If you are sober, you are already embarking on what your true purpose is. To be drinking and using would mean that you would not being taking the right actions to find your purpose. Give yourself a hand on for creating the starting point for the first day of the rest of your life.

Follow your heart

Purpose is what dreams are made of. Your “heart” can be a good indicator of being able to feel whether you are taking a chance on what you are supposed to be doing. Taking unfounded chances can give the opportunity to look back on your experience without having to think about the “what ifs”.

Search your soul

By taking a look at the complete determination of what your purpose really is can show you the right course of action to take for your purpose. Ask your Higher Power to show you the truth to imply what direction you should go in finding your purpose.

Know it in your gut

There are many times that your purpose does not turn out to be what you wanted it to be. In the case of addiction, people that abuse drugs and alcohol have some pretty negative consequences that become a bigger part of their purpose. They probably did not want to experience what they had to, but now that they are on the other side of their addiction, they know that being of service must become their primary purpose.

Following your purpose in life can become what you need to fill the void that your addiction tried hard to do and failed. Instead of continuing to feel empty, get into action and reach harder for your purpose.

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