Tips to Act on What We Know in Recovery

When we get into recovery, we begin to hear many things that are intended to disturb us about our addiction.

Ways to Have Heart in Sobriety

To become addicted to drugs and alcohol is usually not what someone desires to do when they grow up.

Ways to Have Heart in Sobriety

Why do People Cut Themselves?

Around 2 million cases of people that cause nonsuicidal self-injury to themselves are reported annually. One in five females and one in seven males make up the statistics of people that begin this ritualistic act on themselves between the ages of 12-14 that can carry on well into their 20’s.

The Addicted Narcissist

The Addicted Narcissist

Trying to figure out how to handle a narcissistic person that is addicted to alcohol and drugs is not for the faint of heart, although the good news is that there is recovery for both.

What is a Process Addiction?

What is a Process Addiction?

Process addiction, also known as behavioral addiction, is defined by a strong desire to participate in a certain action despite the negative consequences. The individual has an enhanced mood while engaging in the action. Once the behavior is over, it is generally followed by a feeling of shame or guilt.

What You Should Know About the Designer Drug: N-Bomb

The synthetic hallucinogen 25l-NBOMe was discovered in 2003 and was originally produced to map the brain’s type 2A serotonin receptors in biochemistry research.

What are Character Defects of Addiction?

The human race is a melting pot full of people that are successful, charming, beautiful, or even addicted, who all possess faults.

Will Drug and Alcohol Addiction Affect Your Spirituality?

You may have heard people say being under the influence of drugs or alcohol may indeed make them a better driver or even a funnier or nicer person.

The Impact that Eating Disorders Had on the 2018 Olympics

Figure skating is a sport that is not only judged on athleticism, but with the entire presentation of the figure skater. Pressure with body image is felt with both female and male competitors because they are judged on their entire package.

Am I Exercising for Health or Addiction?

Physical activity has been medically proven to be part of a healthy lifestyle regimen. People might try out different types of exercise when trying to find a physical activity that they like because they may be uncertain with what they like to do.

Frances Bean Cobain Speaks Out About Her Addiction

When Kurt Cobain took his life 24 years ago on April 5th there was grief and loss for more than just his fans. His daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, was almost 2 years of age when her father died on that melancholy day.

What is a Recovery Coach?

People that do well in life usually have had some sort of mentor or teacher that has encouraged them or prepared them for success.