Tips to Act on What We Know in Recovery

The formation of our recovery is based on coming to grips that we can no longer do what we are doing, or we will just keep getting what we are getting. To be successful in recovery, we are taught to keep it simple. If we do just that, we can break down the most basic aspects of recovery to keep us on track for what are true objective is – to stay sober.

No matter what

To stay sober, we must not pick up a drug or a drink no matter what. For someone that struggles with addiction, if they do not drink or take drugs then they will not have to deal with the obsession they will face. Having to stop will not be an issue if they never started in the first place. Sounds like an easy task to someone who does not have an addiction, but the reality is that sobriety takes using the tools of recovery to not pick up no matter what.

One day at a time

Using the philosophy of one day of time is helpful for someone who has not been able to gain freedom from drugs and alcohol. Many times, people will look at the big picture of not drinking for the rest of their lives as a tall order. There are some people that cannot fathom giving up their coping mechanism for a life of total abstinence. Taking each twenty-four hours to give up their vice can keep it in uncomplicated terms to prevent someone from overthinking what they have to do to stay sober.

Do not drink or use in between meetings

People that attend 12-Step meetings are typically sober out of respect for the 12-Step program and the people that they know in the meetings. There are some attendees that come to meetings drunk or high because they need to be there, although they are asked not to share for the protection of the group. Once we get sober, a logical measure of how we should behave is to not get high or drunk from meeting to meeting. We get our solution in the meeting and then we take that solution with us to help hold us over until the next meeting.

IIn the meantime, staying sober may not be as easy as we may think which will take being of service to others, reaching out to others, putting faith into a Higher Power, and using step work to keep our side of the street clean. Acting on what we know will help us to maintain our recovery, so we should continue to learn as much as we can to double our chances to live the life we want to in recovery.


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