Your pain is feedback. You are not stuck.

Individuals are designed for relationships and stress. Mental illness is on the rise as more people isolate themselves and control what others get to see about them. This engineered way of living is not living at all and has a lot to do with mood changes and physical declines.

Pressure like knowing you made a mistake and you didn’t fix it, stress like a friend who overlooked you or fear about how you look or sound - these add up. Then, brain fog after hours on screens. Screen stress does not foster resilience the same way as social, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, or environmental difficulties do in real life. Today you can build resilience by learning our 13 Skills. Our proprietary approach to patient independence is in high demand. But not everyone wants to invest in their own health. As we carefully walk patients through the intake process, we inventory their pain, their goals and their willingness to invest hard work. Solstice Southwest is created as a healing space for adolescents and adults who want more from life. We start with limiting screen time and adding in more cognitive stimulation, then things get fun because you notice your personality and creativity increase. Then, more changes - your social skills, life skills, memory, initiative, self-compassion and distress tolerance.

According to several studies, those who use digital media more often are more prone to experience loneliness and poor mental health. People spend less time engaging with one another face-to-face as social media use rises. Recent years may have seen an increase in loneliness as a result of the fact that using digital media does not lead to the same emotional connection as face-to-face engagement.

Unfortunately, silence and concealment within the family environment have occasionally prevented family members from acting to potentially alter the path of a suicide intent. A family can have a significant impact in preventing a loved one from committing suicide. A large portion of the conversation surrounding suicide prevention is about self-awareness not about depression. At Solstice Southwest, we get to the root and together we create the habits you were born to love. Addiction, mental illness or disappointment are where we start. Where you land, is the exciting part. Things change when you gain a relationship with yourself and then stretch your comfort zone to have long term relationships with others. At the end of the day, this is what changing the landscape of psychiatry is about - human connection.