Integrative Care

Pursuing psychiatric or mental health treatment requires a whole-body or integrative approach. This helps us to understand both the underlying causes of your symptoms and how to achieve more long-term relief. Integrative care involves evaluation and treatment of your lifestyle, social, emotional, social, medical/biological, genetic, psychological, and hormone and nutrient factors. All of these areas deeply impact our health, mind, and wellbeing and must be addressed. For this reason, Solstice has a heavy emphasis on treating the family unit. Families play a critical role in stability or dysfunction and are one of the most influential factors in how quickly someone may progress in their treatment.

Getting Help

Making the decision to get professional help is courageous. We honor this decision and want to present you and your family with doable and effective options. Quality psychiatric care goes far beyond medication management, but requires empathy, honesty, and education. The goal is to help you meet your needs and deficits and help you become more functional in work, school, relationships, and/or society. This oftentimes involves discomfort in the change process or in receiving honest feedback from your provider. But the important piece in this process is that you are given tools, skills, and have a support system in place to help you stay on track. This makes the change more doable, approachable, and also helps the process to feel less isolating.

Depression, anxiety, and addiction already create enough fear and isolation, it’s time to break through those barriers and help you get started on your customized treatment plan. 

If you are considering getting started, you can begin by verifying your insurance or completing an assessment online and we will assist you from there. We can’t wait to meet you!