Mental Health Urgent Care


We know how important it is to prevent a psychiatric emergency, so we have built a medical team that is ready to serve in more ways than you might expect. We will include family in your plan of care and evaluate your goals to ensure the urgent care appointment brings functional medicine and traditional care together.

Not everyone needs our Inpatient unit. Sometimes, Mental Health Urgent Care is enough. If you can leave feeling supported, your written aftercare plan will give you a roadmap for next steps. It includes recommendations for further treatment and follow-up appointments are scheduled as needed.

Returning to work, feeling like yourself or just sitting still can be easier with our informed approach to psychiatric medicine. Your health is not a distant thought in this comprehensive urgent care appointment. Internal dysregulation does not just affect immunity, mood and relationships. It affects everything. If you are looking for a provider that will not dismiss your complexities or bypass the details that are important to you, We are open 8A-5P, call us or come in today.