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Treatment with Purpose

Solstice Clinics develop habits with patients based on their goals and puts progress markers on a timetable. Every milestone is made up of dozens of ways to connect with themselves and others. The pursuit creates a dopaminergic experience that is replicable from day to day without Solstice. Through new mental frameworks, individuals can make meaning, face insecurity, and overcome uncertainty while reducing suicidal ideation and psychological pain.

Solstice Southwest is resolving the dopamine depletion many face. Treating addiction or mental illness is not what it once was. Here, we make the most of your time.

Treatment with Others

When we give teens or adults a peer group to overcome temporary defeat or disappointment, problem solving and mastery open up new doors for patients. "Fear, isolation and lagging skills are actually the door to dopamine," says Solstice Nurse Ramsden Florento. To develop skills, the approach comprises a mix of residential mental healthcare (RTC), partial hospitalization (PHP Day Treatment), intensive outpatient (IOP), supportive living, MeRT, Spravato, and family intensive workshops.

Treatment for Screens

If we think back, our expectations and norms with each other changed when technology became primary and in person problem solving or emotion became secondary. Our treatment plans address the relationship all of us are going to have with screens. We think through the goals and make sure screens have a defined purpose and measured presence so our body can balance in relationships, expand and prosper.

Treatment for Success

Right now, the U.S. needs a plan for families to strengthen relationships and for coworkers to bring out the best in one another. Solstice Southwest is giving control back to families. Margo Christou in Southern California explains, "I trusted Solstice Pacific with the care of one of my family members after being disappointed elsewhere. They are an oasis of world class mental health care in a patient ecosystem in great need of their services. More than a mental health services provider, Solstice Pacific is a community that wraps its arms around you every step of the way. They consider the whole patient, not just one issue. I cannot speak more highly of the quality of care, the thoroughly trained staff and the outcomes."

If you or a loved one want to learn about our services in California or Texas, please complete this assessment, then schedule a call with a clinical advocate. You may wish to complete a verification of insurance form to learn more about the costs for treatment based on your unique insurance plan.

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