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Solstice Signature services help you get to the root of the problem. Our thorough approach may take longer. But, the work you invest now will improve quality of life for decades. The old landscape of psychiatry skips necessary steps. You deserve, in fact your body demands, for you to treat it as a whole, not as separate systems.

If you are relying only on medication for treatment, your body might respond in 4-6 weeks. A pharmaceutical medium can help you gain motivation or awareness for other necessary physical or mental healthcare. But, if you rely on medication, therapy, supplements and one of our Signature Services, you may notice more unraveling and inconvenience before you feel the relief you desire. This is normal and actually, very good. Relief and change can occur in those first 4-6 weeks, but deconstructing old habits and developing new ones (including letting yourself be known) will initially be uncomfortable to some degree. We measure symptoms and progress at least monthly, and provide safety in the “growing pains” process. While a more traditional route can give you quick face-value results, integrative psychiatric care will provide a wider breadth and depth to relief. Integrative functional medicine is the safer path to treat more symptoms, resulting in less cost and inconvenience over time, as it addresses the root cause of your condition and treats it more effectively. But the unraveling of your symptoms and the feeling of unpredictability might lead to: frustration, feeling stuck, impatient, or even isolated. As you prepare for each service, bring these feelings, emotions and questions, come to process them when you receive your treatment. The more you actively engage your Solstice Southwest services, the more you will feel seen, heard, known, and feel relief. These are the building blocks to whole-person resiliency and improved quality of life. 

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