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One thing we've noticed is how vital loved ones' support is in assisting a person's recovery from mental illness or addiction. Since the founding of Solstice in 2015, we've gained a lot of knowledge about how to best assist those suffering from difficulties with their mental health, and the success stories from our patients demonstrate just how far we've gone in providing efficient treatment. You can still be present for a loved one who refuses treatment and offer your support.

Supporting a friend and/or family member who is struggling:

  • Tell them how much you appreciate them.
  • Remind them that they are not alone.
  • Learn everything you can about mental illness.
  • Get yourself into treatment.
  • Convince them that the treatment works.
  • Encourage them to seek treatment by offering to assist them in finding a therapist, making an appointment for them, or even accompanying them to an appointment.
  • If a loved one mentions suicidal ideation, call 911 or transport them to the nearest medical room (remove any fatal weapons before they return home).

Understanding and supporting more than diagnoses

Family and friends are often the first line of defense in the fight against mental illness, autism, or substance use disorders. That is why it is important to understand the signs and symptoms of your loved one's diagnosis. You may notice your loved one's issues before they do, and your influence and concern can motivate them to seek help. Your companionship and support can be crucial to your loved one’s recovery.

You can help them cope with symptoms, overcome barriers, and regain their energy, optimism, and enjoyment of life. Start by learning all you can about their diagnosis and how to best talk about it with your friend or family member. But as you reach out, don’t forget to look after your own emotional health—you’ll need it to provide the full support your loved one needs. This is where our providers come in. We believe that family involvement increases our patients' positive outcomes in their treatment and ensures their success in recovery. Therefore, we will provide you with the tools and support you need.

Help for you and/or a loved one

Family care is an undertaking that must be approached as a group effort. Solstice Southwest is your partner—a family outside your home who will help you understand your loved one's diagnosis, recognize their symptoms, identify their triggers, and adopt strategies to support them in their healthcare objectives. We will also educate you on how to care for yourself, form relationships with other families, and find resources in your community.

Our primary principle is family, which you will notice the instant you meet us, and if our team is unable to assist you right away, we will put you in touch with someone who can. Nothing changes if nothing changes!

You are welcome to attend meetings of the National Alliance on Mental Illness—these support groups assist your family (biological or not) in gaining strength and perspective while also relieving stress.

Simply being in the company of others allows you to think clearly and cultivate self-compassion. Call us at 214.306.8447 today. Allow us to assist you and/or a loved one!

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