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Starting on the road to recovery necessitates creative thinking and optimism. And, sure, it does take time. So, what now? An environment perfect for starting new habits—a conducive setting for a strong return to health. An environment set up for a rock solid recovery foundation.

The transition from one lifestyle and norm into a new one is difficult. According to SAMHSA, “The first 12 months of this transitional period prior to the onset of sustained full remission, sometimes referred to as early recovery, is a crucial period during which people contend with raw core clinical  issues such as family history, unresolved trauma, grief and loss, emotional immaturity, low frustration tolerance, and other factors that make them susceptible to relapse.” However, Moos & Moos (2006) determined that individuals with more ‘social capital’ are more likely to show improved outcomes for short term remission. Therefore, supportive living homes with trained personnel are uniquely qualified to assist individuals in all phases of recovery, especially those in early recovery, by furnishing social capital and recovery support. Regardless of the diagnosis or history, recovery from mental illness or addiction takes a change of environment. Even if only for a month, a change of setting provides limitless opportunities for insight, judgment, impulse control, self-awareness, and motivation. Routines we adopt in a diverse setting can influence where we direct our time, goals, affection, energy, and other resources. Look far and wide in Texas and you will not find anything like our structure and support.

The Texas Supportive Living includes:

  • Substance free accountability and testing
  • Accountability for medication management 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Accountability for daily routines
  • A Recovery Community with Sunday dinner shared weekly - provided by Solstice
  • Clean and beautiful living space that is shared to amplify what is learned in PHP and IOP

Note: The Supportive Living Guest responsible for food (other than Sunday dinner) and transportation. You have ample parking and 2 food bins marked for your personal use.

Polcin (2009) found significant improvements in abstinence and employment rates, as well as a reduction in the number of arrest rates for those residents who also participated in outpatient treatment for substance use disorder(s). SAMHSA explains, 76% of the residents that participated in this study remained domiciled in a recovery house for at least five months. For many, the combination of recovery housing with evidenced-based outpatient treatment is an efficacious model of care.” For this reason, Solstice requires that any resident in our Irving, Texas supportive living has the following in place:

  1. Outpatient PHP, IOP (Outpatient Treatment can be substituted if Residential, PHP and IOP have been completed within the last 30 days).
  2. Two Emergency Contacts.
  3. Participation in the weekly Sunday Family Dinner (5P-7P).
  4. Shared responsibility leading the 5x weekly peer group. Work, meetings, etc., need to be coordinated around this 7:30A-8:15A meeting.
  5. Personal oversight of laundry - communicating with peers to share use of the washer and a dryer.
  6. Completion of assigned chore daily before 7:30A. The chore board is next to the pantry.
  7. Submission of weekly 6A-10P schedule to Operations Manager weekly by Friday at 5P for the following week.
  8. 4 weekly recovery meetings. Attendance confirmed weekly on Saturday at 8P. Attendance verified by signed Solstice card. Options include Celebrate Recovery or any anonymous group.

The structure, warmth and clean environment (physically, mentally and tangibly) of our supportive living is unparalleled. Solstice Leadership has over 20 years of experience in supportive living, recovery planning/recovery capital and building lives and families up.

We provide comfort, updated interiors, and 24-hour staffing assistance. Our primary asset is our experience assisting others in improving their quality of life by temporarily changing their environment and establishing new habits while learning some timeless truths.

Supportive Living is a place of healing, new beginnings, and accountability. Many people have told us throughout the years that there is a significant difference between knowing what they want and achieving it. We exist to make that path more direct and to assist you with risk management along the way. It's common to have difficulty getting what you want. Detours are common while embarking on a journey. Solstice Southwest is here to provide you with the information and accountability you need to attain the results you envision, aspire for, and devote your time to achieving. Our supportive living environment is the gold standard for creating the habits you are born to love.

Receiving care in our professional, upscale setting is especially recommended if the current living environment is unsafe, unsteady in some way, or is possibly contributing to worsened symptoms. Getting space and resetting routines, habits, and environment is a powerful way to implement change and experience relief sooner.

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