Solstice Institute of Excellence


Solstice offers training to clinicians from all over the world. As we engage in our vision to change the landscape of psychiatry, we are becoming the Nation’s emergency room for mental health services. To achieve our vision, we are focused on training and development for all Solstice locations. Our Institute of Excellence accomplishes three things:

  • Build and Measure Clinical Competency
  • Treat Compassion Fatigue
  • Prepare for Value Based Healthcare - Measuring Outcomes and Training to 5 Star
  • Service for Everyone

Training and service are not just the culture of Solstice “why” and history of excellence, training and service promote independence and self-efficacy for patients and staff. When someone becomes a brand ambassador of Solstice, they are not just a team member, they are a collaborator. Together, we have created a culture of learning. Problems are solved efficiently, effectively so we can send our colleagues in other specialties a message of support and invitation: your strengths plus our strengths, lets partner to get results.

The Solstice Institute of Excellence is vision, training and measurement.

If you are a hospital or external provider, we have some trainings you can audit. Call us to learn more: 214.306.8447.