Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)


Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Whether you have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, addiction, or other mood disorders, your diagnosis does not have to run your life. There are practical and attainable ways to become more functional and feel more stable. Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a tool that helps you to stabilize more rapidly and break through the stigma. PHP is an appropriate treatment option for anyone who feels like their symptoms are becoming increasingly frustrating, debilitating, overwhelming, or are interfering with their ability to work, participate in school, or function in relationships. It is an evidence-based program that helps you or your loved one develop the skills and support needed to thrive again.

What Does PHP Involve?

PHP is a bundled service, meaning that you receive an array of services under the umbrella of 1 program under 1 roof. PHP is also a commitment to your life and your health. It is a time in your life where you decide “I am ready for change in my life” and “I deserve to have a higher quality of life”. Because of this, PHP is also a time commitment. It is 8 hours per day, 5 days per week for 5-6 weeks.  

The program includes:

*Weekly Psychiatry Appointments - for medication management

*Weekly Nutritional Assessments/Care Planning 

*Weekly Individual Coaching Focused on Coping Skills, Quality of Life and Stress Relief - this involves case management to help you gain self awareness, coping skills, self care skills, and other life skills that help you become more functional and regulated.

*Biweekly Family Care - involves your support system with communication skills, setting boundaries, setting structure in the home together and other life skills that support mood.

*Hourly Group Therapy and Education - this is one of  the most therapeutic aspects of care as it gives you a social outlet, helps you learn and apply in a group setting, and is especially helpful when you tend to isolate when  you are struggling.

*Labs upon Admission

*Resourcing for Other Medical, Social or Emotional Needs - this will be especially helpful if you have any other medical conditions that need to be addressed.

Why PHP?

It is important to give your body and your mind the time it needs to fully heal. Just as you would take time off from work or school to recover from surgery - your brain needs this time away to get the care it needs to truly heal. We often overlook or do not recognize our mind as needing this - but just as one should not walk on a broken leg, one should not try to go through life when their mind or mood needs care. A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is specifically designed for the active treatment of mental disorders. In 8 hours a day, you will treat your thought disorder, depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, and other conditions, one millimeter at a time. Our integrative team assists you in taking the steps you are ready for while also developing the skills you need to scale your healing journey without leaving parts of yourself behind.

This program gives you a hybrid approach to care…. While it is 8 hours each week-day, you will still have the opportunity to practice your skills at home or in your real-life circumstances. Because your environment is key to your mood state, you must have a strong support network of friends and/or family members who are deeply invested in your healing journey. 

Additionally, PHP is skills and strengths-based. It helps you set practical goals and meet them using your strengths. It also gives you an arsenal of coping skills that are tailored to your symptoms and frustration. This is an effective tool to help you overcome your barriers in depression, anxiety, addiction, mood swings, or behavioral struggles. 

It is a powerful message you give yourself when you decide to commit to your health and wellness full-time….what better way to communicate self love and self care? 

The idea is do this one with your whole body and mind engaged and you will never need a program of this intensity again!

What About All of My Other Obligations?

Committing to your health takes time and attention. There are times when we need to reduce distractions that get in the way with our healing. This can be medical leave from your work or school, applying for disability, or delegating help for your typical duties from which you need a break. Our clinicians can walk through your options based on your obstacles or concerns. And we will assist in your integration back to your duties when you are ready to take on more. The bottom line is that PHP is a temporary interruption in your life to help you approach your schedule, relationships, and your health in refreshed ways. In the grand scheme of life, 6 weeks is a blip. Your life, your future, and your happiness are worth the investment.